Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Want To Be A Tree /I\

I want to be a tree.
A tree is me.
A tree is patient.
A tree is docile yet strong.
A tree need not say much because it is wise.
A tree helps the earth.
A tree knows its place in earth.
A tree is practical.
A tree is fluid.
It is fluid in movement.
It is fluid in thought.
It is fluid in speech.
A tree is giving.
A tree helps others.
A tree is loving.
A tree shows no emotion.
A tree needs very little.
It needs water.
It needs soil.
It needs the sun.
It needs air.
That is all.
A tree is content with this.
A tree has many friends.
Other trees.
Large animals of all kinds.
And the occasional human.
Yes, I want to be a tree for these things.
I admire the tree for its wiseness and patience.
I am a friend of trees.
The trees have given me so much.
The trees are the greatest of plants.
The trees are the greatest of friends.
I am Joseph R. and I want to be tree.